Why WYW has NFT's, Artworks and Editions

Every artwork generated on Witness Your World is sold as a NFT. This means that your artwork is certified and authenticated on Ethereum Blockchain. Leroy Brothers or Witness Your World here fore gets 10% of every transaction as Royalties. Our artistic vision opt to give 50% to the related organisation of that artwork and his users.

Leroy Brothers Editions are physical representations of the NFTs generated on Witness Your World. This means that a print from the highest quality is produced from the artwork. Those editions  are digitally certified with VERISART, but are not on the blockchain. Every sold edition will give 10% to the related organisation of that artwork.

development of blockchain technology to reward the users for their participation and creations, as well as all related organizations, such as galleries, museums, and NGO’s to promote and sustain the vision to improve our society.