Witness Your World

About This Project

“Art reflects society. It’s a witness of a certain era. Artists are responsible to capture their period of time by representing it through their art.”

Witness Your World (2012 – ongoing) is an internet-based platform producing artworks, mashed-up by automated algorithms. Users submit pictures and messages, which can be voted on by other members of the network. The highest-voted submissions are mashed up into a new piece of art.

The content of the images and messages on Witness Your World function as an instant mirror of society: information of the immediate and the superficial often opposed to content in photojournalism or staged photography. Contributors share their world with the online community, and each submission eventually ends up being part of one of the artworks. The result is a multiplicity of views of the world from different persons shown through the artworks.

Social media, crowdsourcing, sharing, … are commonly used terms. ‘Witness Your World’ is a manner of creating identity in today’s world – posting pictures and messages are the new way of making statements about who we are. Descartes famously wrote, “I think, therefore I am” We might alter it now to “I share, therefor I am.” www.witnessyourworld.com