Made in Gent

About This Project

Made In Gent was co-created by Leroy Brothers and took place in 2006 & 2007. The event gathered artists from different creative disciplines in art, music, fashion, architecture, … and took place in alternative spaces in the city of Ghent. For the first edition a vacant office building was used were 2x2x2m square cubes where installed for each selected participant. For the second edition 25 sea containers were dispatched on the Sint-Pieters square in the center of the city, in which participants could showcase their creations. The now acclaimed collective Leo Gabin (then still working under the name *CUM), Michael Langeder, Kelly Schacht, Stijn Van DorpeAlda Snopek, Adriaan Verwée and members of the Pope of Dope hit,  The Subs (then playing as Foxylane) had been selected by a jury with Philippe Van Cauteren (director SMAK), Wim Denolf (Knack Magazine), Johan Valcke (director Design Vlaanderen) and Jan Van Imschoot (artist).