Axel King

About This Project

Axel King (2006-2009) is a virtual artist creating real paintings by the help of crowd-sourced creativity. The process of “finding inspiration” lies totally under control of the methodology and is fed by crowd-sourced creativity from the net. The ideas for the artworks don’t come from the artist but from the community, while the execution of the artworks is done by anonymous artist assistants. This means that Axel’s involvement in the creation of artworks is close to none, which reduces him to the role as the artist as Baudelairian dandy only.

Axel symbolizes the generation of young artists of all disciplines. His dream of being discovered finally came true. However, he now undergoes the destiny of being controlled by others. He is manipulated and exploited in order to gain the most out of him. He can’t stand where he wants and doesn’t decide who he meets. His job consists of being a good looking face to the general public. He is a clear victim of the success society he adores so much, as we see today with the rise of the so-called Zombie Formalism, a term coined by Walter Robinson.