“People want to be told what is good and valuable

People collect art just like star wars toys

People like the feeling being turned on by something not everyone can appreciate

Storytelling is by far the most underrated skill in business

Don’t try to sell early, build brand equity

Your business and your personal brand need to be one and the same

You are the guy who tells it like it is in plane English

Create your own vocabulary and talk about that

People are dying for someone to take the mystery out of art (buying) and make it fun

The middleman has not yet been eliminated, but we’re getting there

A lot has been made of how the music, news and advertising industries have been turned upside down by the internet, but anyone who thinks the revolution is going to sop there is naive.

Content is king, absorb every single resource you can find , go visit, interact.  The learning process is part of your content.” Gary Vaynerchuck