Chronosculpter, the paintings:

Arora Vale's Kinetic Odyssey Through Heartbeats & Algorithms


ChronoSculpter” emerges as a strikingly evocative oil-on-canvas series by the visionary Arora Vale. In each piece, the essence of time is not only represented but deeply felt, manifesting as visceral landscapes that oscillate between the abstract and the tangible. Every brushstroke, rich and textured, is reminiscent of the delicate dance between past, present, and future.


Oil on canvas



Print on dibond


blue & white stripes

Architect of Emotions


The color palette Arora employs is both timeless and contemporary, with shades of deep cobalt blues, iridescent silvers, and ephemeral golds. These colors interact and counteract, embodying the ever-fluctuating nature of time. Sometimes they clash with urgency, and at other moments they blend, suggesting moments of serenity.



Narrator of Modernity


Yet, Arora's brilliance truly shines in her portrayal time. Silhouettes, some sharp and others hazy, navigate the canvas, acting as both sculptors and subjects of time. They are depicted in various states of motion: some racing against an invisible force, others pausing to bask in a fleeting moment, and a few melding into the background, as if being reclaimed by time itself.

IFA Brussel

Observer of Epochs


“ChronoSculpter” does not merely illustrate the passage of time; it delves into our relationship with it. Through Arora Vale's masterful technique and profound introspection, viewers are beckoned to confront their own temporal realities, asking not just how we are shaped by time, but how we, in turn, shape it.




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