Leroy Brothers Asian Trip

Leroy Brothers - Shenzhen - Xiamen - Shanghai - Beijing - Seoul - Tokyo

Can social networks produce art?

Can crowdsourced art actually produce high art?  Of course, take a look at Leroy Brothers’ BDRtist.  But how about other...

China – Shanghai – Jing An Sculpture Park – met o.a. Jan Fabre, Wim Delvoye, Arne Quinze en The Leroy Brothers (article in Dutch

Shanghai’s grootste stedelijk beeldenpark bevindt zich in het stadscentrum (Jing An District) en wil de Chinese bevolking vertrouwd maken met...

Shanghai Today TV

Leroy Brothers on Shanghai Today TV – Boundless expo in Don Gallery  

ICS Evening News

  Leroy Brothers in ICS evening news, Shanghai  

“What’s the Best Way to Support Startups: Services or Cash?” the Leroy Brothers Story

What’s the Best Way to Support Startups, Services or Cash? on ReadWriteWeb “Most of the time, when a startup goes...

Leroy Brothers vs. Diesel

Leroy Brothers 2008 vs. Diesel 2010 On our last trip to Shanghai we were surprised to see the ‘new’ Diesel campaign ‘BE...

About Dafen Painter Village in China

About Dafen Painter Village in China
[gallery] Looking for painter workshops in China for Leroy Brothers production Oil painting workshops in Dafen, Xiamen and Putian. Dafen...

Leroy Brothers interview on BDRtist – B-there magazine by Bethan Ryder

  Belgian brothers Leroy are the innovative duo behind the online artistic enterprise the Leroy Brothers. We hear more about...


“We're not fucking smart, we’re just wikilligent” - Leroy Brothers

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