How to become a successful contemporary artist from A to Z – The book

How to become a successful contemporary artist from A to Z – The book

So you’re an artist wishing to make a living from your passion, believing you and your amazing creations are ready for the art world. Where do you start? So you’re passionate and talented. The question remains, do you really have the goods to be a successful artist? Are you willing to sacrifice your life so you can live a life others envy? The truth is, most mortals won’t, but that’s good for you.

The early career of an artist is generally a pain in the ass. Most artists start without realizing what the job really is. So, you’re on your own, greenhorn.You have to do everything by yourself. You’re your own creative, production, logistics, marketing, accounting, and sales teams. On top of all,you’re your own secretary, manager, CFO and CEO. Ironically, artists reject those jobs by nature, jobs that may be the reason you chose to be an artist and not a nine-to-fiver. Bad news! You need to execute those jobs anyway. Not one, but all of them! Twenty four hours a day. Eight days a week. And you better be damn good at them! Stop thinking you’re an individual! From now on, you’re a company, a start-up business, a lonesome entrepreneur.

In this book, we’ll show you how to become a successful artist in twenty-six chapters from A to Z, each mnemonic letter with a catchphrase, making our approach easy to remember anytime.

This book is our philosophy and will help demystify aspects of the art world, hopefully encouraging you to ascend to that privileged fraction of society who live well from passionate work and are well respected by accomplished artists, critics, collectors, and an adoring public.

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