A: Art Is Your Psychosis And Sanity, Your Demon And Angel, Reality And Dream. You Breathe It, Eat It, Fuck It, And Crap It. Get Ready For Rehab!

How To Become a Successful Contemporary Artist From A to Z

To be an artist, you must become art. At breakfast, you smear not butter, but art on your toast. You breathe fresh art, not air. You think of art every minute of every day. You love art more than you love your lover. Everything you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch is part of your art. News topics, social behaviour, people, disasters, parties, shopping, anything and everything you must think of in terms of art. You’re not one of those rats racing between work and home anymore. Now, there’s no difference between free time and work. Today, your work is art, your home art, your body and mind art.

Dana Friis-Hansen, curator of the Murakami show at Bard College in New York in 1998, once said about Takashi Murakami that apparently, he doesn’t have time for romantic or family relations. He makes art and he sleeps. When setting up a show, he asks the curators if he can sleep in the gallery, bringing along sleeping bags, assistants and noodles.

As Murakami, your focus is on art. Don’t bother of what other think of your odd decisions to get closer to your art. It will eventually help to build up the myth around your person. Slightly weird behaviour is an asset for an artist.  People adore it.

Ideation, creation and marketing are the three steps to becoming a successful artist. Blur the lines between the steps and merge them! Experience them as one solution! It’s an efficient way to save energy! Remember all the jobs you need to get done? Follow the steps night and day and you’ll execute more work than you ever thought possible. Merging the steps will allow you to save time and lighten the seemingly unbearable workload. Compress these three steps into one and you’ll start generating work ready for the art market!

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